Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hatch: Tea Baggers not Nutcakes


Us and them» Remember when Sen. Orrin Hatch called those attending a protest rally against the war in Iraq "nut cakes" during then-President George Bush's visit to Salt Lake City?

I asked Hatch's office if he then thought the screaming mobs that have been disrupting congressional town hall meetings by shouting down everyone who tried to talk, including the congressmen and congresswomen conducting the meetings, were nut cakes.

He doesn't.

"The people I called 'nut cakes' were using vulgarities and crude gestures, even flipping the bird and spitting, to the president of the United States ... ," Hatch said. "The demonstrators participating in rallies recently against the federal government, deficit spending, increasing taxes, socialism and a government takeover of health care, have been aggressive and outspoken, but not vulgar and crude."

He must not have seen the same mob demonstrations at the town hall meetings that I've seen.


David said...

I seem to have missed a connection here - what evidence do you give that the people Hatch was asked about were birthers? (I'm willing to bet that many of the shouters would not like to be connected with birthers even if they are using vulgarities and crude gestures, flipping the bird, or spitting.)

Bob said...

Crap. I meant Tea Baggers.