Friday, August 14, 2009

UtDems: Celebrate Utah's "Blue Dog" Me: Hell, no!

I got invited by the Utah Democratic Party to come celebrate Utah's Blue Dog Democrat, "Representative" Jim Matheson on August 31 in Millcreek Canyon.

My initial reaction is "Hell, no."

You see, I used to support Jim Matheson. I understand the need to run a more conservative Democrat in Utah so you can win.

However, when you get a 29-point victory, it's time to spend a little of that political capital.

However, when you cater to your campaign contributors and not your constituents, you no longer are a Representative. You have become Rob Bishop.

Sure, you talk a good game on Health Care reform. You say you support it.

Except your actions reflect the opposite.

You have become Orrin Hatch.

And the bad part about this is, given the campaign that the GOP has run against RepINO (Representative In Name Only) Matheson the last three election cycles, he's still going to be painted with Health Care Reform (like it's a bad thing). So, since it's a no-loss situation, Jim Matheson needs to stand with those you voted for him, not those who bought his vote.



Anonymous said...

You sound like an angry liberal. Just because he wants to think about what he is doing instead of being an OYM (Obama Yes Man) you think he is catering to special interests. Well guess what, you are right. He is catering to my $50K/yr-salary-$50-campaign-donation special interest. I guess he buys off pretty cheaply. You have no idea how radical and dangerous this health care proposal can be. I don't blame him for being smart about it.

Bob said...

well, you're half right.

It's a sad day when I'm considered "liberal."

And, look at who the top contributors to Matheson are. He doesn't care about your $50 or my $20 I sent him.

Anonymous said...

rdale said...

Matheson has a constituency of exactly one: himself. He could care less for Democrats, the uninsured, whomever; the important thing is that he gets re-elected. He's already proven that on many occasions, sucking up to Bush, rolling over for KKKarl Rove, kissing Gayle Ruzicka's flabby butt. I've voted for Democrats my whole life--my parents were solid FDR/Truman/Kennedy voters--but the last elections where Smilin' Jim has run I've voted for the Socialist/Alien/Green/Vegan whomever, just to keep from casting a vote for Matheson.

Just found this blog, BTW; I'll keep reading! Any enemy of Matheson is my friend.

Jason The said...

Matheson needs to take one for the team on HCR (despite the very Republican words of the first anonymous commenter here).

Bob is right, he's going to get hit with HCR anyway. With support of it, he could possibly drum up MORE support from the base in Utah in 2010.