Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coach Frank Layden Speaks at Sam Granato Meeting

One of my favorite people I have met over the years is Coach Frank Layden. Frank is the former coach and President of the Utah Jazz, and is knwn as the Yogi Berra of Utah. Frank tells the story of his early years as coach in the mid-80's when the team wasn't very good and people weren't coming to the games, and so they'd put on the marquee "TONIGHT: FRANK LAYDEN (and his Utah Jazz) vs CHICAGO BULLS). Someone once asked him what time the game was and he asked them what time they could make it.

His two trademarks are his sense of humor and always telling you what's on his mind, both things seen in this video from a Sam Granato house party (h/t Utah Amicus):

Frank Layden Supports Sam Granato For US Senate from Donald Lewin Nelson on Vimeo.

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