Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Curtis Haring New Executive Director, Fair Boundaries

Salt Lake City, Utah, December 14, 2009 – Utah Fair Boundaries announced Monday that it has hired Curtis Haring as its Executive Director to run day-to-day operations.

Haring, a life-long resident of Salt Lake City, has worked and advised on numerous political campaigns.

“We are thrilled to have him on board…” says Glenn Wright, Field Director for Fair Boundaries, “up until now we have consisted entirely of volunteers, both as staff and as a board. With the addition of Curtis, we know that we can go to the next level when it comes to securing the resources we need to succeed.”

Trent Avlord, Coalition Director for Fair Boundaries, agrees – “Fair Boundaries has grown beyond what a group of volunteers could achieve in their spare time. We have been actively looking for a full time staffer that can ensure that we reach our goal of having this initiative on the ballot, and Curtis brings the experience and dedication that will put us over the top.”

“This is my love…” says Haring, “I have always been passionate about social justice, and Fair Boundaries allows me to exercise this passion. I hoped Fair Boundaries would succeed before I came on board because it is fighting for fair and honest representation for the people of Utah.”

To date, Fair Boundaries has in distribution enough petitions to significantly exceed its goal of 95,000 signatures from across the state. The initiative itself is seeing strong support from all sides of the political spectrum, with nearly 50 percent of signers being independents and 30 percent being Republican, numbers similar to statewide averages.

About Fair Boundaries:

Fair Boundaries was organized in April, 2009 by a group of citizens concerned about gerrymandering in Utah. Their goal is to certify over 95,000 signatures, across the state, by April 15, 2010 in order to place their initiative on the 2010 November ballot. The initiative is designed to create an 11-member advisory commission that would draw new state legislative district boundaries after the 2010 census.

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