Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Progressives Need a Hero

From the email box:

As you probably know, the White House and Democratic Senate leaders caved to Joe Lieberman and took both the public health insurance option and Medicare expansion out of the health care bill.

That means no competition and no choice -- just a bailout of billions of dollars to the same insurance companies that caused our health-care crisis in the first place.

We have one more chance to change this bill. Progressives in Congress can say they will block any bill without a public health insurance option.

Can you sign our new "we need a hero" petition today? Click here -- then ask others to sign.

We'll deliver it to top progressive senators Russ Feingold (WI), Bernie Sanders (VT), Sherrod Brown (OH), and Al Franken (MN).

Without a public option, this bill doesn't change the structural, long-term problems with our health care system. Instead, it's a raw deal that the insurance companies love: mandating that millions of Americans buy their junk products.

All it takes is one hero.

If just one brave senator says they will block a final bill without a public option, that will force President Obama and Senator Harry Reid to make a choice. They can either force Joe Lieberman and other corporate Democrats to accept the public option OR they can pass the bill through "reconciliation," a Senate procedure that only needs 51 votes.

Joe Lieberman will become irrelevant -- and generations of Americans will thank the brave progressive Senator who fought for fundamental change.

All it takes is one -- one hero to step up and change history.

Sign our "we need a hero" petition today? Click here.

After you sign, can you please pass along to Democrats you know -- or folks who are mad and want to see real reform? We don't have a moment to lose.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

--Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Natasha Patel, Andrew Perez, Forrest Brown, and the PCCC team

P.S. Progressive senators are already moving in the right direction. Russ Feingold made big news Sunday by criticizing the White House's "lack of support" for the public option. And last night, Bernie Sanders went on MSNBC and listed reason after reason the Senate bill is bad for the public.

Now, they just need a push to be the hero Americans are crying out for. Sign our "we need a hero" petition today.

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