Thursday, January 07, 2010

AG, BCS, and Budget Cuts

So, this year's legislative session is starting to gear up, and it's going to be ugly. Most departments are looking to cut budgets, and a tax increase is looming. I have several friends employed by the state that are nervous that they may be drawing unemployment come Summertime.

So, you'd think that leaders of some departments would be showing how fiscally sound they've been.

Which is why it flabbergasts me as to why Mark Shurtleff would think this would be a good time to prove his limited-government street cred by getting the government involved in college sports:

Antitrust laws require free and fare competition and that applies to businesses. Shurtleff said,” The Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled that those laws apply to NCAA College sports. Isn't that what college sports is supposed to be about, fairness.”

But, some say college football is about money and power. Shurtleff knows he'll face a strong opponent in court. The BCS recently added a former White House Press Secretary to their team. Shurtleff said,” I mean they just hired Ari Fleischer for crying out loud. I'm sure they paid him a ton of money. The lobbying money to congress is huge.”

BCS Administrator Bill Hancock is ready for the fight he says. " The real fact is that those conferences who complain are receiving more money from postseason football than ever before, far more than they've received before , because of the BCS."

Nevertheless, Shurtleff says no matter how tough the competition is there will be a lawsuit. How confident is he that he’ll come out a winner? Shurtleff said,” Very Confident.”

Shurtleff says if Utah has to go it alone, they will. However, he says he's trying to get help from the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice. No word on when the lawsuit will actually be filed.

What's next? Getting the Government involved in religious rites such as marriage? Oh, wait, I forgot. Crap.....

Anyway, looks like I know one department that could use some budget trimming, if the AG's office has this kind of money to kick around.....

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