Saturday, January 30, 2010

GOP Legislature Doesn't Want Your Grandma to Vote

Well, not without waiting in line for 4-5 hours to get a state ID card.


Elderly voters in Utah won't be allowed to use their Medicare cards as a valid form of identification at the ballot box.

The Utah House voted down a measure Thursday 47-27 that would have carved out an exception in state law that requires a picture ID to vote.

Current forms of acceptable identification include a valid Utah driver's license, U.S. passport, tribal identification card and concealed weapons permit.

Two forms showing the voter's name and proof of address can also be used.

Rep. Marie Poulson, a Cottonwood Heights Democrat who sponsored the bill, says many older voters don't have driver's licenses or other necessary documents.

But opponents defeated the bill out of fear illegal immigrants would obtain fraudulent Medicare cards.

Maybe Grandma can get a concealed weapons permit.....


Oldenburg said...

Are there really that many undocumented immigrants in Utah that could swing elections for offices and ballot initiatives? Why is our legislature so afraid of them so as to disenfranchise my grandmother

ATXD said...

Maybe they should introduce a bill to allow seniors to get their Utah ID at no cost.