Friday, January 22, 2010

LTE: Corroon Is Good Choice

From Yesterday's Deseret News:

The short-sightedness of Utah politics continues to amaze. If Dennis McCormack (Readers' Forum, Jan. 20) would look past the D at end of Peter Corroon's name, he would see a leader deeply committed to his constituents who only proposed a tax increase to balance the budget after many budget cuts. He would see the man who stood up to the wealthy and powerful interests behind a soccer stadium because he didn't want the county left holding the bill. If he were to look past the R ending Gary Herbert's name, he would see a man who puts his party before his state.

Herbert fights ethics reform and does nothing to keep nuclear waste out of Utah.

Corroon would fight FOR ethics and nuclear waste regulation, while actually paying more than lip service to improvement of our schools.

Utah should be lucky to have Corroon in charge.

Domenick DeCaria
Salt Lake City

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