Monday, January 04, 2010

More GOP Congresscritters are retiring than Dem COngresscritters

I keep hearing that the Democrats in DC have a flood of people retiring from Congress this year.

Must be Republicans spreading that rumor, because reality paints a different story:

With news that Rep. Henry Brown (R-SC) will not seek re-election, we noted Republicans now have 14 open House seats to defend this year while Democrats have just 10 open seats so far.

The Fix: "While much of the focus for the last month (or so) has been on Democrats' retirement problems -- set off by a quartet of announcements in swing and Republican-leaning districts over the last month -- a broad look at the open seat playing field suggests more parity in terms of the two parties' opportunities and vulnerabilities than conventional wisdom suggests."




David said...

I'm always happy to see any Congresscritters retiring - regardless of party affiliation.

Oldenburg said...

Yes, that may be true, but of more importance is how many of these open seats are swing-able? If they are in R+20 districts (or D+20 conversely) these open seats are not much of threat to flip unless you get someone like Bill Sali to run.