Saturday, January 09, 2010

Senator Dayton and Rep Daw Push-Polling


Two Utah County legislators have collaborated on a survey sent to their constituents that raises the concept of push-polling to new heights.
The survey -- at least on a couple of questions -- is worded to get the response obviously favored by lawmakers sending the questionnaire.

Sen. Margaret Dayton and Rep. Brad Daw, both Orem Republicans, sent the 13-question survey to get constituents' views on issues facing the Legislature. Each question is followed by a list of responses constituents can choose from that best fits their views.

But the 13th question, which focuses on the ethics reform petition most legislators hate, does not include a response that allows constituents to say they favor it.
Respondents can check a box if they prefer to have laws made through the legislative process rather than by initiative; if they are aware that the Ethics Commission has no accountability to anyone and has lifetime appointments; if they are dumb enough to sign the 21-page petition without reading it; and if they would prefer laws that create more transparency in lobbyist activities and that would cap campaign contributions. Constituents are reminded such a law would prevent lower income candidates from running for office.

Question 12 is about the initiative to create an independent commission to make recommendations on redistricting. It asks, "As a taxpayer would you prefer to see redistricting done by recommendations by an unelected redistricting commission (most expensive), regional public meetings (fairly expensive) or by legislators who communicate with their local constituents (least expensive)?"

It seems they have already answered that one for you, doesn't it?

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