Monday, January 18, 2010

Standard Examiner: A Real Race for Governor

Utah Democrats have an attractive candidate for governor this year. He's Peter Corroon, Salt Lake County mayor, and he will provide current Republican Gov. Gary Herbert a tough race this November, presuming both are the major party candidates.

Corroon is a popular mayor who has enjoyed bipartisan support. There are key differences between him and Herbert, who has strong support from the Republican Party leadership and has solidified his political strength within his party since succeeding Jon Huntsman almost a year ago. Corroon has already drawn battle lines, saying if he were governor, he would not have allowed radioactive waste into Utah and a Snake Valley water deal to go through.

Corroon, who wants Utah to use more renewable energy sources, is more liberal on environmental issues than Herbert, who recently said that he doubts that humans cause climate change. Both candidates will need to present to voters concrete plans to help clean up air in the Top of the Utah which has been, so far this winter, very dirty and unhealthy.

Corroon and Herbert disagree on the budget. Corroon, in a recent campaign trip to Ogden, said he would not have allowed the recent cuts in public education to occur. That presents a clear tax policy contrast with the governor, who is more likely to prefer cuts in government, such as education, to raising taxes. Corroon will argue that a strict rule against taxes is a threat to needed services. Herbert will argue that new taxes are unhealthy in the current economic environment.

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