Monday, January 25, 2010

Wo be unto Buttars, for he shall be thrust down to Hell......

From PRIDE In Utah:

Sunday evening, Utah Senator Chris Buttars was interviewed live at his home in West Jordan by KUTV. During the interview, Buttars was asked about the infamous interview he gave to “8: The Mormon Proposition” director Reed Cowan in which he claimed that gay people are the “biggest threat to America going down.” Buttars told KUTV tonight that Mr. Cowan deceived him during the interview by wearing a “BYU T-Shirt” to the interview in order to lull the Senator into security. Um… there are photos proving that’s a lie Buttars. Here they are.

Even if Mr Cowan DID wear a BYU T-shirt, it still doesn't excuse what was said. Furthermore, I'd still like to know how Senator Buttars knows so much about Pig Sex.


P.S.- The title of this post comes from 2 Nephi 9:34 in the Book of Mormon

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Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Bob. You mean you're REALLY going to believe the Homos instead of Brother Butters? Obviously, this is a doctored photo.

Maybe you're the one who is going to be thrust down to Heck....