Saturday, February 20, 2010

Craig Frank's $12.600 Pay dishonesty

The following discussion came between Representative Craig Frank and myself was on Facebook. I edited out other people's comments in between. The whole thread can be found here.

Don't you find it just a little dishonest that Representative Frank claims that legislators bring down $6000 when he took home more than three times as much? Not too many part time jobs pay mileage reimbursement to commute to your office (heck, most full time jobs don't reimburse you to get to the office) nor a per diem.

Also, using the same site I got Representative Frank's pay information (, I pulled the pay for a friend of mine. This friend works full time (not part time like a legislator) for the state, in a job that requires a Master's Degree. Their total pay?


Yep, someone working full time with a Master's Degree makes less than double what our "$6000/year" legislators make.

Plus, lobbyists aren't giving them gifts, nor do they get to use campaign contributions for their own uses if they want.


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marshallUtah said...

But Craig Frank position requires a BS degree! One that requires a lifetime of BS to obtain.