Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow vs Climate change

Much has been made by the Climate change unbelievers about the snow storms in Washington DC last week.

Yet, they fail to mention that it rained in Salt Lake City (and at the site of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver) at the same time it snowed in Dallas, Atlanta, and in Florida.

In fact, for the first time ever, there was snow on the ground Saturday in 49 states. That's every state except Hawaii.

Yet, it's weather as usual because it snowed in Washington DC. Twice. Th fact that they were two of the largest snowstorms in centuries makes no difference -- everything is normal in Republicanland.

I wish I could live in Republicanland.



shirley elizabeth said...

The climate change argument has always been completely retarded. First it was oh no global warming, and now that's been disproved you have to keep something going to make it look like you're not all complete idiots. So it's "climate change!" Did you know that the earth's climate has been changing for its entire existence? Did you know that's part of the package of having a heated, liquid core. If it were to remain stagnant, that would probably mean some bad stuff, but not the opposite. Really, next you're all going to freak out when the earth's magnetism changes, which, yes, it does naturally.

(I do not mean to put you down personally, as I think you're a pretty cool guy, but the general "you" was referring to those continuing the climate change argument, which you just happen to be doing in this post)

Bob said...

thanks for commenting.

If global climate change is good enough for the BYU science department, it's good enough for me.

Oldenburg said...

I think these "there's lots of snow in DC, therefore Al Gore is a liar" argument are designed to piss off people like Bob and myself. Obviously, rising global temperatures does not mean that it will never snow more some place than it did before. In fact, it means that the climate will dramatically alter, effecting various regions differently. Some will get wetter, others drier. Some will get more snow, others will get more rain.

But the science is solid: there is radically more CO2 in the air than there has been in millions of years and there has been a corresponding (and correlating) rise in global temperatures. And that rise in C02 levels also neatly correlate to the beginning of the industrial resolution.

While no one will ever be able to definitively state that amount that human activity is impacting this radical climate change (though the Al Gore's co-Nobel winners have tried), it is certain that we are having some sort of impact.

While denials of these facts are dangerous to humans and other species the world over, I respect people's right to their own opinions. But I still don't understand why are these deniers demanding that we shove our heads in the sand with them?