Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I asked Jim Matheson to vote AGAINST health care

Yes, I still support health care reform. However, this does nothing to help the situation of many who do not have health care.

Instead, it mandates that we buy health insurance, at the price the insurance companies want to charge. And, since they know we have to buy it, they will charge whatever they want.

This is a bad bill that does more harm than good. It's time to start over, get a good bill, with a public option.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You have gotten to the heart of the problem in American health policy. The health insurance business model is incredibly wasteful. Yet, all proposals, from both parties, have continued to prop up this useless product. We need health system reform that eliminates waste. Please check out the Utah Healthcare Initiative blog ( and website ( for more information.

Dr. Joe Jarvis

Oldenburg said...

A mandate is needed to get coverage when you aren't opening up Medicare/Medicaid to everyone. And even tough doing that would be far better and cheeper, that's "socalisim" so we have to have a Rube Goldberg device.

This is the best thing we can pass right now. That doesn't mean Health Reform is over after this passes. This means the big first step is done. There are lots of good measures that we can and should fight for over time, after people realize that the US didn't turn into Stalinist Russia.

Just like how many other states passed gay marriage laws a few years after Massachusetts did and they realized that the world didn't end. Or how gays will be allowed to serve in the military soon and we will have just as good of armed forces.

Jim voted against the bill because he would have been accused on being bought off by Obama for picking Scott to be a federal appellate court judge. And they don't need his vote.

shirley elizabeth said...

Thank you for talking sense.