Friday, April 30, 2010

Delegate Email 2-for-1: Chris Stout and Sam Granato

Two emails, two candidates, same theme.

Chris Stout:

Dear Friends,
I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to those of you I’ve had the opportunity to either meet in person or talk with on the telephone over the last several months. As I continue expressing my views of good government and my desires to work for the people of Utah in the U.S. Senate, I want to ask you to do two things:
1. Compare the candidates. Take a long look at both web sites and compare our plans and our issues. I suggest starting at For several months, as I've worked to reach out to every delegate in person, by phone and email, I've had a plan; a clear outlining of important issues and solutions.
2. Ask me questions. As detailed and as open as this campaign has been, I know that some of you still have questions about who I am and what I believe. The simplest solution to any problem is usually the best solution – so; call me and ask.

Between now and the state convention, my phone line is open and I am standing by to take your calls. Leave a message if you don’t get through and I’ll return the call as soon as I can.
Take the time to get to know me and the reasons I’m running for the U.S. Senate. I am always happy to share with you my thoughts and feelings on any given issue. I also promise to listen to your take and engage in sincere discussion and constructive dialogue about the topics that matter most to all Utahns.


Christopher Stout


Dear Bob:

Congratulations on being elected as a delegate to the Utah Democratic State Convention! I'm running for United States Senate and am asking for your support.

I value your vote and your opinion. As a delegate, you are among the most active and engaged Democratic voters in Utah and I want to hear from you. Since kicking off my campaign in June 2009, I have visited dozens of communities and talked with thousands of people about the issues that concern them most. In Roosevelt, it's immigration and energy policy. On the Wasatch Front, it's air quality, jobs, and education. In St. George, it's growth, water resources, and wilderness designation.

Of course, everywhere I've been, people are angry that healthcare reform either went too far or did not go far enough. People are anxious about the economy and disgusted by the nasty rhetoric of Washington politicians.

In the days remaining before the State Convention, I hope we have a chance to talk about these issues as well as other concerns you may have. Please contact our campaign headquarters at (801) 486-2010.

As you know, the State Convention will be held Saturday, May 8th at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Registration begins at 9am and I hope we can talk more then, too. Let me know if you plan to attend so I can look for you and we can spend some time together. Either reply to this email, or answer our brief survey on the top left of this page.

Thank you for your time!

- Sam


Anonymous said...

Yea Sam! He even knew your name, Bob.

士松 said...

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