Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Delegate Email From Claudia Wright: Congratulations, SL County Nominees, and Thank You, Delegates!

Thank you, Salt Lake County Delegates, for an exciting and spirited day on Saturday at the Salt Lake County Nominating Convention! It was a great pleasure to meet so many of you and to hear about your ideas, hopes, and concerns for our state and the Utah Democratic Party. I am very excited to continue these dialogues with you and the delegates from the other counties across District 2 as we head into the State Democratic Convention on May 8th!

Also, thank you to those of you who took time to write or videotape your thoughts as "citizen endorsements" for my campaign! From the beginning, this campaign has been a movement of and from the people. It is my great delight to have your names, the names of the constituents I am pledged to represent, as my strongest endorsements. Please take a moment to visit my website, and hear the voices of fellow Democrats standing up for our shared values and hopes.

I also want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Salt Lake County Democratic candidates! Truly, with so many impressive candidates running, I felt that no matter who won their nominations, we would come out of convention successful. To our candidates who won their elections at convention--Sim Gill, Holly Mullen, Tyler Ayres, Paul Recanzone, and Rebecca Chavez Houck--and to our slate of excellent candidates who were nominated by acclamation, you have my respect, encouragement, and enthusiastic support. I also want to thank both Alyn Bradshaw and Cal Noyce for your tremendous inspiration. Although I know the primary election you face will require great energy and resources, I am excited for Democratic constituents to experience the strength of two such excellent leaders as they make their choice for their candidate for County Council 1. And to the volunteers, sponsors, and organizing committee, thank you for a wonderful convention.

Claudia Wright

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