Saturday, April 10, 2010

Delegate Email-- Holly Mullen for SL County Council

Dear Democratic delegate:

First, if I haven't yet spoken to you by phone or at your doorstep while delivering my campaign goodies, thank you for your decision to become a party delegate. I am impressed with your commitment to grass roots involvement in the Democratic Party. It should pay good dividends this year!

I'm thrilled to share a link with you from today's issue of The Salt Lake Tribune. It turns out my hard work at fund raising and outreach to you and many others in the Salt Lake County Council at-large race is paying off. I've outdone every council candidate so far in raising money--Democratic and Republican--by nearly four times. A handful of those donations are more than $1,000. But in fact, the vast majority are between $50 and $100. I feel great about that. It means I am reaching average, working people with my message about improving air quality, protecting vital social services delivery such as mental health and aging programs, creating jobs and advancing the cause of equal rights for everyone--regardless of sexual orientation.

These are values the Republican Party would love to undermine by taking control of the current Democratically controlled County Council. Republicans would like to turn back our great progress of the last few years. In short, the GOP wants the county back and will be spending lots of money to get it. Let's not allow that to happen!

With my fund raising ability and my powerful platform, I hope to come out of our April 24 County Convention with 60 percent or better of the delegate vote. This way, I can go straight to battling the Republican candidate for this seat. It will take very cent and most of my time and energy to win in November. I would love to forgo the expense and time of a primary election against my Democratic opponent. Won't you help me bypass that hurdle with your vote?

Finally, please join me on Tuesday, April 13 for an open house at the Market Street Oyster Bar in Cottonwood Heights at 2985 East 6850 South. We'll have lovely appetizers for you and a chance to chat about my campaign and the issues that concern you. Please stop by between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Thanks and best regards,

Holly Mullen
Democrat for Salt Lake County Council at-large

Here is the link to the Tribune story:

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