Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Should Crash Tea Party/GOP Rally Tomorrow

So, I read this with great glee in this morning's Political Cornflakes from the Tribune:

And tomorrow the Republican establishment is joining forces with a Utah tea party group to hold rallies. The party starts at the Capitol at noon with Gov. Gary Herbert and then moves to the old Utah County Court at 5:30. Everyone is invited, but as the email says: “BRING FAMILY FRIENDLY SIGNS. RACIST, BIGOTED, OR OFFENSIVE SIGNS--NOT WELCOME.”

So, I'm thinking of showing up with some signs of my own:

"My Fed Taxes Down, My State Taxes Up. Thank-you Republicans!"
"Hey, you! Get off my lawn! -Taxpayer"
"Render Unto Ceasar... -Jesus"
"I'm happy my taxes went to fund RioTinto Stadium. I heart small government!"
"Your taxes pay for both sides of Mark Shurtleff's Lawsuits"
"I'm glad Bush tanked the economy so I could be unemployed and attend this noon rally on a weekday!"

Any other suggestions?


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Oldenburg said...

Medicare IS Government run Health Insurance!

I actually know what the word Socialism means