Friday, April 02, 2010

Peter Corroon Haciendo Buenas Obras

Paul Rolly, March 28

Byron Russell, vice president of development at Western Governor's University, says that during a morning commute in January, he was driving on West Temple between 300 and 400 South when he noticed two cars stopped at what appeared to be an accident. As he drove by, he noticed a person lying on the pavement. He apparently had been struck and was dragged several feet forward from the crosswalk. Russell says it was evident the accident had just occurred, because the police and paramedics had not yet arrived. All Russell could see in the dark was this injured man on his back shivering in the snow. Russell ran to his car to fetch an overcoat and as he began to place it over the injured man, he noticed Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon hunched over the man, holding his hand and speaking to him in Spanish. Corroon was the only one of the passers-by who had stopped who could comfort the man in his own language


Oldenburg said...

Is this guy also the former Jazz player who held up shorts on ESPN to challenge MJ to a rematch?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm this is true?

Salt Lake City Web Design said...

This is true. Rolly has recently talked about it in his column at the Salt Lake Tribune.


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