Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congressman Chaffetz's Sports Hypocrisy

Jason Chaffetz is frustrated today. Apparently, he could save America today, if only he wasn't wasting his time voting to honor sports champions. From his Twitter Feed:

The stock market is diving and we are going to the Floor to vote on men's diving (swimming)....really!

The Democrats refuse to present a Budget, so we vote on sports figures. Congress must do better. I am fired up........thanks for reading

Even if we want to celebrate the Utah Jazz for coming in 4th, I will only vote Present.

Watch ESPN and hold a home town parade, but Congress is not where you should come seeking recognition in athletics.

No more will I vote in favor of recognizing sports accomplishments. People who change the world in math, science, medicine-these I support

Law enforcement, border patrol agents, and millions others who are changing people's lives.

Let's start recognizing true heroes--military, teachers, scientists, students who triumph in something other than sports

No longer will I vote for recognizing sports teams or athletes for simply winning. Congrats! They won! But I am only going to vote Present

I am done! Today we are recognizing Phil Mickelson and University of Texas men's swimming and diving team.

While I agree with him that congress shouldn't vote to honor everyone who wins a championship, it seems a little hypocritical coming from someone whose early campaign was "I'm not Chris Cannon, and I played football at BYU." OK, maybe hypocrisy is not the right word for that.

However, does any other word come to mind when you see this sports-related resolution?

(H/T YDU President Mark Hymas for the pic)

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