Friday, May 28, 2010

Corroon's Twin Blasts Realtors for Buying Governors Mansion


All Utah Realtors, regardless of political affiliation, should be disgusted at the recent news that the Utah Association of Realtors, through its political action committee, has contributed $100,000 to the re-election campaign of Republican Gov. Gary Herbert.

The donation constitutes the largest contribution to date from a single entity to Herbert's campaign. Peter Corroon, the other candidate for the governor's seat who happens to be my brother, hasn't received a dime for his campaign from this statewide membership group. Corroon's response to the UAR gift to Herbert: The Utah governor's mansion should not be "For Sale."

In defending the contribution, UAR past president Chris Sloan only mentions that Herbert was once a Realtor and has seen Utah through difficult economic times. Sloan coincidentally is also chairman of the Tooele County GOP.

The UAR offers no perspective on Corroon, the Salt Lake County mayor who has proven to be an adept, fiscally conservative and bipartisan leader. Corroon, an attorney, property developer and real estate licensee, owns industrial, multifamily and commercial office property in Utah.

Sloan and Lerron Little, current president of UAR, and the PAC's trustees are irresponsible in throwing away $100,000 raised from member contributions. These trustees should be bipartisan and more disciplined in directing member funds, focusing on more appropriate efforts such as state and national legislative issues that impact Realtor practices and real property rights.

Shame on the leadership of the UAR, an organization of which I have long been a member. They now lead the pack of state highway contractors, out-of-state energy companies and other special interest groups trying to curry favor with, and buy their way into, the governor's mansion.

Chris Corroon is a Realtor living in Midway and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon's brother.

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