Thursday, May 06, 2010

Delegate Email From Christopher Stout: Effective Government

Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, I have been speaking with you about the issues that concern me. I know there are far more issues that each of us are passionate about and while I've been on the campaign trail, I have been privileged to learn about and discuss your important issues in far more detail and depth.

One of the important issues I’ve addressed is the need for truly effective government. It can be briefly summed up in the following three points:

It is important to promote legislative transparency because senators and representatives have become complacent and distanced from constituents. We can change this by providing tools for voters to better express their concerns through social media and live webcasts.

We need to bring resolution to challenges through compromise and bipartisan collaboration.

We need to set congressional term limits to twelve years. Term limits will allow more citizens to serve and help bring fresh ideas to Congress.
I believe strongly in transparent, effective government. The Federal Government should be focused on serving the people, not the special interests that scour the Washington of today. Strong reforms promoting the public interest will therefore be a central pillar of my service. To read more about this specific issue and my stance on other important issues, please visit my website at

Thank you,

Christopher Stout

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