Thursday, May 06, 2010

Delegate Email: What Are People Saying about Claudia?

What are people saying about Claudia Wright?
"Claudia is a principled progressive and a long-term thinker. She doesn't play politics. She will fight for the people, not special interests. Utah and the nation would be well served by sending her to Congress." -- John Netto, Candidate, Utah House District 25

"I am voting for Claudia Wright because I'm tired of believing that I have to always choose between the lesser of two evils. Claudia stands for everything
I believe in. Good luck, Claudia and thank you for running!" -- Stacy Eddings, first-time delegate, Salt Lake County

"I am pleased to give my endorsement to Claudia Wright in her courageous race against Jim Matheson. Just as the “Tea Party” is rallying the right wing,
we need a strong progressive voice to stand up for what we believe. Claudia is that voice." -- Michelle Turpin

"We met Claudia last weekend in St. George and immediately became cheerleaders for her, her positions and her campaign. Ready, willing, and able to help!" -- Dorothy Engelman, delegate, Washington County

We are very pleased to add the following to Claudia's list of endorsements:
Southern Utah Stonewall Democrats Executive Board
Salt Lake County Stonewall Caucus
Salt Lake County African-American Caucus
See the complete list of endorsements, as well as more comments and YouTube video endorsements, at The most important endorsements are yours, those of citizens and constituents. Please visit and add your comments or video today!

Thanks to all of you for making this such an exciting campaign! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


The enthusiastic staff of Claudia Wright


Anonymous said...

Finally someone (Turpin) says it like it is:

The people behind the Wright campaign are like the tea parties on the right: far-left tea baggers.

That's not what Utah needs.

ash_anderson said...

No, Claudia's supporters just look far-left because they are compared to a Republican. In any other state, they would look like boring, normal Democrats. They are actually in line with the Democratic platform.

The Tea Party is racist and uninformed. Democrats in this state should be careful not to demonize the people who are holding up the platform.

Keep comparing thousands of hard-working Democrats to hate groups, and see how many D's you can gather up in November.