Wednesday, May 05, 2010

ENDORSEMENT: Stout for Senate -- Substance over Style

I like Sam Granato. I was excited to see what he had to offer when he first started running.

However, other than his friendships with "Mr Mac" Christiansen and Frank Layden, delicious food, and the ability to identify that the Government is not doing things well, I don''t really see where he has brought anything to the race.

Yet, the more that I look at Christopher Stout, the more I like him.

Not only does he identify the problems we are facing, he provides solutions, more than most candidates at this stage of a campaign.

Stout has been labeled as the more Liberal of the two Democrats running for this seat, mostly because of the company he is keeping.

However, does this sound like a typical "Liberal" candidate?

Many people have asked me, “Why do you want to run for U.S. Senate?” The answer is as complex as the many problems our nation faces today. First, and foremost, I believe that a Democrat can represent the people of Utah in the U.S. Senate. Many Democrats within Utah feel that the state isn’t willing to accept Democrats in the state’s highest offices. I disagree. We need more Democrats to step up and prove that we have the ability to identify issues and work towards resolutions that benefit the people of Utah. We have viable solutions to issues, we share common values with our Republican friends, and we can make a difference.

Second, the nation was founded on compromise, maintained by compromise, and successful because of compromise. In the Senate today, I see very little compromise. I see a Senate that is playing politics and pampers the special interests rather than meeting the needs of the People. The health care debate over the past year provided an insight to me, that many politicians and special interests groups aren’t really trying to help bring solutions to our issues. We must determine problems, offer solutions, reach compromises, and then revisit the issue again next year to see how well our compromises worked and reach more compromises until we have the best possible government that we can have. I believe that this effort is missing from our Senate representation. It is missing because we keep electing career politicians, and not representatives of the people. We must approach our solutions that are in the best interests of the people, not special interests, and not politicians.

It sounds like someone who knows what it will take to be an effective Senator for Utah.

And that's why I am endorsing Christopher Stout for US Senate.

-Bob Aagard

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Anonymous said...

Sam has my vote but I appreciate your opinion. Granato's style is excactly what we need. I hope Mr. Stout stay involved after Granato wins convention Saturday.

TealWren said...

And I hope Granato will stay involved after Christopher Stout wins on Saturday! Sam is likeable, but he doesn't seem good at debating or conveying his ideas. I think Christopher would make the best candidate against whomever the GOP chooses.

Bob said...


So, you think Granato's "do nothing, stay invisible" style is what it will take to win?

No wonder you're so cocky.

Frumunda said...

Do nothing?

Granato has won the endorsements of every major Democratic office holder including Corroon. Granato has also been endorsed by the majority of Democratic caucuses. I guess you know better than the Democratic office holders and caucus leaders who are in the trenches everyday. Obviously, he has convinced these people and entities that he is the best candidate.

Granato can raise money, Stout cannot. Granato has raised more money than any other Federal candidate except incumbent Matheson over the last three cycles leading up to convention. How can Stout move forward if he can't raise money? Granato has also invested into his campaign to the tune of $15,000.00. Not an outrageous amount but it shows that he is committed and believes in himself. Will Stout do the same?

Granato gave his FEC report to the press. As a Democrat I believe in transparency, don't you? Stout does not. And why hasn't Stout been upfront about who his campaign manger is? Why? JM Bell is a good guy, isn't he?

Stout has said that he would use online networking to communicate with his constituents. I looked at Granato's Facebook, Twitter, and all the videos on YouTube. I then looked at Stout's online presence. Granato wins hands down with his online presence.

Granato supported Fair Boundaries and the Ethics initiative by walking to gather signatures and by allowing signers a place to find the petitions at this retail locations. What did Stout do?

Granato held a fundraiser for the Young Democrats. He opened his stores up for Democratic gatherings and other non-partisan political organizations. I believe he is a Platinum Sponsor for the this weekend's jubilee and convention, although you might want to check that out tomorrow and Saturday.

He is helping the Party grow. What has Stout done?

I have looked at the substance of both candidates and maybe Stout has some ideas on how he would solve every problem, but his lack of experience to actually bring these solutions to fruition is lacking. Granato has the experience and the resume to be a senator. Stout does not.

Overall, the substance belongs to Granato.

Not cocky, just looking at the whole of both candidates.

Bob said...

For someone who has been in the race for a year, and supposedly has the big backing he has, $85,000 isn't a lot. Especially when $15,000 came as a LOAN from you.

In other words, Granato can use leftover campaign funds to repay himself.

Not exactly sacrificing the whole cow, is it?

I'll give you that Granato has been doing a lot in his 11 months of campaigning. How much of it did he do before June of 2009? You know, before he was a candidate?

Furthermore, it's my understanding that Jeff Bell is consulting the Stout Campaign. However, has Granato been forthcoming as to who has been managing his campaign? Has anyone been managing his campaign?

OK, that was a cheap shot. But really....

And, how many of those establishment endorsements came before Stout was running?

And, let's talk web presence. Stout has 6 posts on his blog since April 1, Granato has 5. Stout's posts all are substance. Granato's "substance" consists of Text of a speech, images of a campaign flier, video of a speech, copy and paste of an invite to Politisauce, and a writeup of how wonderful the Salt Lake Convention was.

Sam's Twitter and Facebook look tied together, a personal pet peeve of mine. Stouts are not. Stout's look just as busy as Granato's, so don't give me that BS.

Bob said...

And, if a candidate doesn't tell you what he'll do in office, why should anyone vote for him?

Frumunda said...

You seem kind of stressed, Bob.

It's only BS because you want it to be. You loved PA, but he didn't raise that much. $85 thousand is a lot more than $3,000.00. Stout can't raise money. That wouldn't change if he is the candidate.

Your pet peeve on Facebook and Twitter mean nothing.

How many Democrats have ever paid themselves back after making a loan?

I have no idea when the endorsements came, but I read on some blog that Corroon's came after Stout was in the race.

What the hell is the establishment? Please define.


Frumunda. said...

Before June: Just found a post of Granato attending conventions two months before.

Sorry Bob, but you're so cocky.