Friday, May 14, 2010

Rep Sandstrom Pals Around With (Neo)Nazis

SLCSpin (good to have you back, BTW....):

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom wants to sponsor legislation in Utah that mirrors the Arizona effort.
He says he wants to do what his “friend” Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce did.
His “friend”?
The same Russell Pearce who on the radio called for the reinstatement of “Operation Wetback”? Saying of the immigrant situation, “We know what we need to do… they must be deported”. (he refused to apologize for using ‘wetback’)
Or the same Russell Pearce who sent this fundraising letter to all of his supporters. (he would later say he didn’t read it and had no idea it was a fundraising letter for white separatists… as if he couldn’t even read the masthead… or the first hundred words)
Or the same Russell Pearce who endorsed J.T. Ready for Mesa City Council. Pearce insists he had no idea Ready was an active Neo- Nazi. I guess they just got along so well at anti immigration events…