Friday, May 14, 2010

Some (Controversial) Thoughts on Operation Chaos

A number of years ago, I got accused of voter fraud.

The accusation stemmed from the fact that I changed my party registration to Republican so I could vote in a Republican primary, then switching it back to unaffiliated.

Which is perfectly legal. I know I'm not the only one who does it.

I always vote for the best candidate. Mostly because I know that there is a chance that the candidate will be the next office holder.

And every election year, we hear Republicans complain that Democrats are voting for the worst candidate. And that may be true in some instances.

However, I have never heard a message to vote for a Republican candidate come from Democratic Party Leadership, Legislators, or especially from candidates who want to run the elections division for 50% of Utah Residents.

My name is Jeremy Votaw. I'm running for Salt Lake County Clerk and I endorse Operation Chaos.

I have no problems with Republicans voting for Claudia Wright, because the conventional wisdom is that voting for Claudia is going to be like voting for Morgan Philpot in November. I do have a problem with it becoming a part of the campaign strategy for the Utah GOP.

You have your own primary to decide. And by endorsing Operation Chaos, you are saying you don't care who wins that primary. Which is a shame, because there are several differences between the two candidates.

And a warning to Republicans pondering participating in Operation Chaos: if there is a skeleton in Morgan Philpot's closet (Nancy Workman, Sheldon Killpack, Kevin Garn), then you may just wind up with Representative Wright.

And that's something you really don't want to see.

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