Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey, LG Bell: Who's making the personal attacks?

Dear Lt Governor Bell:

I just saw the ad you made on behalf of your campaign. In it, you mention that Utahns want a discussion on issues, not personal attacks.

Saying someone is doing a bad job is not a personal attack.

And, for that matter, when someone comes out with an education proposal, and you say "What does he know about public schools? He sends his kids to private schools." That is a personal attack. An attack for making a choice that Gov Herbert used to support.

And then trying to say that you opponent is trying to take away Seminary? Another attack, not a substantive debate on the issues.

So, stop lying, and let's have a real debate.


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Phillip Bell, EA said...

Here is a personal attack:

The governor says Corroon can't be an effective administer of public education because he sends his kids to private school. The governor can't be a effective administrator of public education because he never even finished college.

I'm just saying Corroon could be alot more personal.