Friday, October 29, 2010

Special Interests, or Why Philpot = Vouchers

Much has been made about how much of Jim Matheson's campaign funding has come from PACs.

However, Morgan Philpot's campaign has gotten help from PACs. But, they did it in a way that is nearly impossible to track just how much PAC help they are getting.

First, there was the ad run by "B Alice Baker" who usually goes by Barbra Baker. She spent $50,000 of her own money to run the radio ads.

She says that "Both parties have been at fault with ignoring how to maintain freedom, and getting bigger and taxing more and spending more." However, the only talking point she has in her ad is that Jim Matheson votes with the Democratic Leadership 90% of the time. In other words, according to her radio ad, she's voting for Morgan Philpot because he's a Republican.

Which kinda makes her statement to KSL seem fishy.

So, who is Barbra Alice Baker? She's the owner of Challenger Schools, and was a big proponent of vouchers. Remember vouchers? That initiative that Utah voters defeated by more than a 3 to 2 margin. In fact, it was defeated in every single county.

However, the biggest special interest running Philpot's campaign for him is FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks is a big backer of....


Another big proponent of vouchers is FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks is behind those often illegally-placed Matheson=Pelosi signs you see around town, and most of the Philpot signs you see as well.

What is Morgan Philpot's position on vouchers? Well, the guy who invented the Utah Republicans' Web Communications Committee can't seem to give any communication on his web site about his view on education. Which can only lead us to assume one thing:

Philpot = Vouchers.



rmwarnick said...

This is why Baker tried to disguise her identity, so people would not make the connection to Challenger Schools.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do some basic research before posting on the internets. Or maybe you assume nobody reads your blog, probably a good assumption on most days, so accuracy wouldn't matter. Google "Challenger School" and "vouchers" and one of the links will be this one.

This one is especially good. It's from one of your friends.

Bob said...

I may have been wrong about Challenger, but my premise about Philpot=vouchers holds true, given the email I just got from Parents for Choice in Eduation.

Barbara said...

My husband and I have been wondering if the Matheson = Pelosi signs were legal or not. What can we do about them? Any ideas?

Bob said...

The Matheson = Pelosi signs are legal in their designs (at least the ones where they remembered the "paid for" statement at the bottom). However, many of them I've seen are placed illegally. I'd call the local road department (county or state) and ask that they be removed.

If they are on private property, they are perfectly legal (assuming they have the permission of the property owner).

Ironically, while campaigns have no problem with breaking the law when they place the sign, they have a big problem with you stealing the sign.

If I had the money, I'd go all B Alice Baker and make up some "Philpot=Vouchers" signs and put them over the topof the Matheson=Pelosi signs....


Big Wave Dave said...

Perhaps what education funding needs is someone thinking outside the box. Isn't it ironic that we get so closed minded about how to fund education the very purpose of which is to open one's mind.