Thursday, November 04, 2010

Post-Mortem Part I: The Good, The Bad, and Previewing the Ugly

This is the first of three posts looking at the election. Part one will look at the good and bad of the 2010 election. Part two will look at the ugliest race of the 2010 election. And Part Three will be a preview of what's next. So,on to part one:

The Good

*Sam Granato

Yes, I have Granato on my good list. Why? Well, despite running a "name on the ballot" race formost of the last 18 months, he started actually campaigning at the end. And the result was the Most successful Democratic Senate race since 1992. Maybe it's the power of incumbency, but 1992 was the last time we had a new US Senator, with Bennett winning by 16 points.

*Philpot Phailure

For the fifth straight election, Republicans ran on a Matheson=Pelosi platform. And for the fifth straight time, Matheson was re-elected.

*Sim Gill

A Democrat back in the DA office. Now's the time for Sim to rock.

*Patrice Arent

OK, this is personal, as Arent is my Representative-Elect. However, any candidate who asks for volunteers to help take down yard signs via Facebook is one to respect.

The Bad:

*Losing 20% of our Legislative Democrats

Yes, we only lost 6 seats (5 in the house, 1 in the Senate). However, we only had 30 seats to begin with. A 20% cut hurts. bad.

*Losing control of Salt Lake County Council

I suppose it was inevitable, with the Pubic Safety Tax Fee and everything.

The Ugly:

Well, it needs it's own post. I'll post that a little later. It's a post on a race hat's missing from this list. And it uses boxing metaphors. It's good stuff, except it's going to piss a few people off.

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