Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does GRAMA need changing?

This is a question that needs asking. GRAMA Task Force Member Jason Williams says it best:

I found it odd to be discussing making changes to the existing open government law as if we've all agreed a case has been made for doing so. Legislators have not made a compelling argument for minor updates, let alone sweeping changes likely to stand for the next two decades. Reasons given amount to playing the victim (more on that below), and citing "fishing expeditions" without supplying evidence of any abuse that outweighs the importance of public confidence in an open, transparent process, and implications that the courts have over reached in interpreting GRAMA for the public good. I would like to see more of a concrete argument (and evidence) for making any changes to GRAMA than those offered so far.

"GRAMA costs us taxpayers a lot of money!" How much money? "We don't know! a lot!"

"My email should be private!" Even though in the private sector, your bosses can read your emails and text messages. Even your "private" ones on company computers.

And, if there is anything embarrassing in those texts/emails, then you probably should not be an elected official. I want the most honorable people working for me, whether it some flukey in the Health Department or a member of the Legislature.

If you have skeletons in your hot tub, state legislator is not a job title you should hold.


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