Friday, August 12, 2011

How not to run a county fair political booth

Let's count the mistakes made in this post from Facebook:

Okay, just got back from the county fair. :|
I went to the democrat's booth, trying to start a conversation. I asked Basically how since I am unaffiliated how I would join the party. The girl there first told me where the Republican booth was. When I made it clear that wasn't the party I wanted to join she told me to go to the county court house. Fine that's the info. But it was a very surreal exchange in my mind. Do I not look good enough to be a democrat? And they weren't busy. I told the guy next to her I almost wore my Obama shirt but was afraid of getting beat up. (Besides the fact it's too small.) I did how ever use their paper fan the whole time I was there. I'm still unsure what to think....

Note: this is in Utah, where Democrats are hard to find. So, let's count the mistakes made by this volunteer:

1) Oh, you want to join our part? Go visit the Republicans. WHAT?
2) Oh, you want to join OUR party? well, go to the county courthouse.... I assume to change voter registration. Which is a good way to become a democrat on paper, not a good way to get involved, which is usually what people who want to "join the party" are looking to do.

I don't know what this volunteer was thinking, but I know I've been thrown into situations as a volunteer with no training. Maybe a "this is what we're doing here today" training is in order....

Oh, and I am setting this individual up with information on how to get involved.

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