Sunday, October 02, 2011

Regerrymandering Part IV: Equal Population at what cost? Oquirrh Edition

If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, and you are West of I-15 and South of about 4300 South, you live in the Purple district.

Well, unless you live in the Oquirrh neighborhood of West Jordan. Then you might be in the Yellow district.

Yep, if you live in this part of the subdivision, your congressman won't live in areas that share similar characteristics to yours. Your Congressman will live in Downtown Salt Lake. Or Bountiful. Or Tooele. Or St George. Or Blanding.

One thing's for sure: you probably won't ever see him campaigning in Oquirrh. Because you are separated from the rest of his district.

And that just isn't right. Surely, the Legislature could have found a neighborhood elsewhere along the border to draw into the neighborhood. I wonder who lives there that just got drawn into a different district.

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