Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Letter to NBC Regarding the Closing Ceremony Debacle

Dear NBC-

I often start my days with the Today Show, and end them watching the late local news on my local NBC affiliate. Some of my all-time favorite shows have been on NBC.  I enjoyed most of the last two weeks watching the Olympics.  I even defended your choice to time-delay the Olympics.

However, what I witnessed tonight has made me and my family extremely upset.  You decided to interrupt your coverage of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies to show us a preview of one of your new fall shows.

I find this not only in extremely poor taste, but an insult to the Olympics and to your viewers.  My sister, who didn't watch any of the Olympics, re-arranged her work schedule tonight just to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony with our family.

It makes me sad to think that I can't trust NBC to provide excellent coverage of any event again.  Whether it's an awards show or the Super Bowl, how do I know you won't interrupt the program to preview a new show?

Bad move, NBC.  You've lost a loyal viewer.

-Bob Aagard
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Madrav said...

Well said.All of us Who fans are irate and bunch of us are writing letters also.