Friday, January 03, 2014

2013: A Year of Change

2013 was a year of big changes for me. The highlights:

In January, I took a leap and applied for a job in the hotel industry. I got the job, and I loved it! It's the first job I've had in quite a while that I can say that I truly enjoyed. Well, the first job that I can say that about that I've gotten paid decently.

In March, I bought a car. I car that I picked out and financed all by myself. I feel so grown up.

In April, I finally moved out of my parents' house, thus ending the stereotype of a blogger living in his mom's basement.

In May, my parents, who had planned on dying in the house we lived in since 1990, were offered a large sum of money for their house.It was significantly more than the house was worth, and they took it. They fell in love with another house, bought it, and moved in the space of two months from the initial offer. It was hard to sort through 23 years' worth of stuff, but we did it. As we were moving, more and more things started breaking in the house, and we were glad that my parents made the move. The new owners tore down the house in the fall.

In November, I got a call from a friend offering me a job at another hotel. This was similar to the job I already had, but with a few differences: less work, better job title, better pay. I took it, and am even happier than I was before.

And, in December, my Grandfather went to meet his maker after a 3 year battle with cancer. He was someone who I looked up to greatly, and even though we knew his passing was coming, it has still left a big hole in my life.

So, on to 2014. When I started a blog clear back in 2001, I wanted it to be full of more personal posts like this one. Over the years, as politics became a bigger part of my life, this blog became all politics, but I had no outlet for other, non-political, things. Then, as Facebook and, to a lesser extent Twitter, came in, I found myself using this as less and less of an outlet. I decided a few months ago that I wanted that outlet again. After talking with some folks, I've decided that I will go back to blogging, and use two blogs -- this one will be more political, and another one (that has had a few incarnations in the past) will become my journal of life. Stay tuned, as this will involve some restructuring of things on both blogs.

And, moreover, thanks for reading.

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