Monday, June 23, 2014

Chris Stout for Salt Lake County Auditor

This year's June 24 primary elections seem somewhat unsexy.  And the least sexy of the races is the race for Salt Lake County Auditor.

But enough about the candidate's looks.  This isn't a Presidential election.

The race is against Jeff Hatch, who held the seat for one term before losing in 2010 to the now-incumbent (who lost in the Republican Convention), and Christopher Stout, who has previously run for US Senate and State Treasurer.  My vote is for Christopher Stout, and here's why:

I first met Chris in 2010 when he was running for US Senate.  He got into the race because he didn't see evidence of any other candidate running, despite the fact that Sam Granato had announced he was running six month prior (but hadn't yet done much of anything in his campaign).  I found a candidate who stood on principles of doing the right thing and having the utmost integrity.  Running as the underdog, with the Party Machine behind his opponent, he never stood a chance at Convention, but this didn't stop him from putting forth a great effort.

I want an auditor who will find places where the government is not spending my tax dollars efficiently.  I want an auditor who doesn't feel indebted to other county officeholders for their endorsement.  I want Chris Stout for County Auditor.

Further, look at just about any overpass and canal fence line in the county, and you will see a Jeff Hatch sign.  Guess what?  All I see is a waste of campaign dollars, and someone with a disregard of local and federal laws.  That is not who I want for an Auditor.  Look at Jeff Hatch's campaign disclosure.  He had to file an amended disclosure.  That raises a red flag for someone who wants to handle the accounting for the county.  The amended parts of the return account for 76% of the contributions received and 66% of the expenditures for the period since April 1.  Do you want an auditor that can't get a simple financial disclosure completed correctly on time?  I don't.

-Bob Aagard

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