Saturday, November 05, 2005


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OK, I am only making one endorsement in one race (and no, I'm not encouraging you to Vote for Pedro, either).

Eric Jorgensen for Salt Lake Council 1

When I first thought of making endorsements, I thought of making this a "none of the above" endorsement, telling people to show up, but not make either box on their ballot. However, some of the tactics of the House camp of late have caused me some concern. First, using the Democrat card. If all a candidate can come up with is that they are a member of the Democratic Party, then there is something wrong. Where do you stand on the issues, madam. I hate it when Republicans do it, I hate it even more when Democrats do it. Second, playing the religion card, making this a battle of Rocky Anderson vs. the Mormon. However, Janneke House labels herself as LDS. Therefore, they are just butting their heads against the wall. However, I have two questions for the Jenneke House camp:

#1: How do you pronounce "Jenneke?"
#2: Is she single? Ü

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