Thursday, November 03, 2005

Racist against Italian-Americans???

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Further proof that Orrin Hatch is out of touch and needs to come home:

Now, he says that those who oppose Supreme Court Nominee Alito are possibly doing so because of his race.

He's not black, or Hispanic. He's not a Native American.

He's Italian.

[They] think they own the Italian-American vote all up and down the East
Coast. They don’t, but they think they do. If they become offensive against
somebody with the qualifications of Sam Alito, Judge Alito, then I think it’s
going to be held against them. -Orrin Hatch on FOXNews Channel 10/31/05, from Think Progress, via Utah Policy Daily

I guess that makes me a nutcake racist. Better not tell my Italian-American Brother-in-law. And gosh, I sure do love a good game of Bocci Ball. Good thing I have Senator Hatch to let me know these things.


P.S.: I wonder what Hatch/and BillO from FOXNews would do if Alito was from France.

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