Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Confidence

Hat tip to my friend Shaun for this one. (Shaun, get that blog up and running so I can link to you.)

Source: Yellow Dog Blog

It turns out that the U.S Senate voted to pass an amendment asking President Bush to give a timetable to when we will be done in Iraq. "It is the sense of the Senate that, in order to succeed in Iraq the Administration needs to explain to Congress and the American people its strategy for the successful completion of the mission in Iraq."

The bill requests a report "...not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, and every three months thereafter until all United States combat brigades have redeployed from Iraq."

The Republican talking heads (Hannity, Rush, FAUXNews) will probably blame the "Liberal Democrats" for hating the country do much. Who cares that the Senate is 55% Republican? Remember, facts don't matter to these people.

The Vote passed 79-19. Hatch and Bennett even voted for it. And, to further disprove the Liberal conspiracy, Sens Kennedy and Kerry voted against it.

“It's not often you see in our legislative halls here in Washington votes of no
confidence on an administration," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid after
the vote. "Today you saw a vote of no confidence in the Bush administration's
policy on Iraq. Democrats and Republicans acknowledged that staying the course
is not the way to go. And, therefore, this is a vote of no confidence on the
Bush administration policy in Iraq.”


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