Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"strong" at 45%?

I just got an e-mail from Pete Ashdown's Campaign pointing me to a poll conducted by Dan Jones.

"When asked if given the choice between re-electing Hatch or giving someone else a chance, it's a tossup with 45% supporting a Hatch reelection and 48% saying it's time to give someone else a shot. "

And KSL says in the sentace just before that, that he looks "strong." Go figure.

"This is tremendous news with a year to go until the general election, yet it is
no time to cease our efforts. Right now, the most important help I can receive
is continuing to spread the word to drive your friends and neighbors to the campaign website. I am also asking you to dig deep and consider donating to the
. The fact that we have gotten this far on the limited resources
we’ve been given shows what we could do with more." -Pete Ashodown, links
added by me

And, I found this on Craigslist:

The Pete Ashdown for U.S. Senate Campaign seeks a fund raising coordinator.
Duties would include contacting potential donors, organizing events, expanding
and researching our lists and other finance related activities. Experience in
non-profit or campaign finance a must. Commission is based on goals and amount
raised. Position is entirely commission based. Please contact the campaign via
my email address or by calling 801-983-7383.

Ig only I had experience, I'd be there in a jiffy.


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