Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Skordas for DA

I met Greg Skordas in July of 2004. He was running for Attorney General at the time. His campaign was sharing a table with Peter Corroon's campaign for County Mayor.

That became ironic when Greg defended Peter's then-opponent Nancy Workman against charges of misusung public funds. This won Greg many enemies in the Democratic Party, and some friends in the Republican Party. But not very many votes.

I bring this up because Paul Rolly says on his blog that Greg may be running for District Attorney in Salt Lake County. This is not news. It has been rumored that the Republicans have been talking to him about it for a while.

However, what is notable is the fact that he will be running as a Democrat.

Many Democrats still hold a grudge, but I'll probably support him. Because with Nancy Workman, he looked at what was right, not who was right. THAT'S what we need from polititions and lawyers alike.


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