Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Awards

Here are my awards for 2005. Maybe by next year, I'll have a name (feel free to post name suggestions in the comments) for the awards. If you are one of the people mentioned, congratulations. You can now call yourself award-winning.

Best Local Blog: SLCSpin. Ethan has the best commentary, and the best commenters. I have probably linked to him more than anyone. And, I know he is one of my five readers....

Newest Internet Addiction: Blogshares. You can go and buy, sell, and trade "shares" in blogs. I'm just warning you: don't click the link!

Best Geek Moment: At the Utah Democratic Convention, I introduced myself to someone (Pete Ashdown) by my screen name on DailyKos.

Best Moment of this blog: It wasn't me posting the scoop about Chris Cannon's Campaign Manager, nor was it any particular thing that was written on my blog. On Crushed by Inertia, I won their "blogging the obvious" award, back before I had focus on my blog.

It then led to a joke about a movie based on me entitled "The World According to Me: the Bob Aagard Story." (They forgot my comma!) They included a quote, which will be my quote of the year. It sums up my 2005, and it was supposedly said by me:

"I hope they don't use too many swear words in it -- and I hope that I can bring a date to the movie. Actually, I hope that I can find a date for the movie. Actually, if anyone out there knows someone who might want to go to the movie with me, let me know."



Ethan said...

aw shucks.

and thank you.

Lons said...

I totally forgot about writing that and then went back and read that post, and felt like a real shitheel. Particularly considering that your blog is pretty damn good these days...

Anyway, good thing you didn't let some snarky jerk kill your blog enthusiasm.

Bob said...

Hey, I'm all for snarkyness, and you helped me find direction.