Saturday, December 03, 2005

Any Idiot Can Do This

Last night at a Chirstmas Party, someone came up to me and said "Hey, Bob, I hear you have a blog!" You could say that. If you check out the Boblogosphere at the right, I have 3 blogs (a possible blog #4 is coming), plus I occasionally contribute over at DailyKos as a diarist, even though I don't frequent those quarters that often anymore.

You would have thought that I had my own TV show or something. A movie star. Well, the fact is, many people have blogs. It ain't Brain Science or Rocket Surgery.

I mean, even Orrin Hatch has a "blog."

My friend Shaun Kruger has a post at his blog about how he and his brother both started blogs the same week, independently of each other. He also says this, which I thought was poignant:

I think this is going to be fun writing my own. After visiting with my brother last night we both agreed that writing a blog is a definite thought exercise. Even if nobody cares to read it at least we all cared to write it and organize our thoughts into something just a little more meaningful than they were before.


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