Friday, December 02, 2005

Pete Ashdown and Libertarians

I was doing some surfing, and found a great post on Libertarian Blog Hammer of Truth on Pete Ashdown.

Pete Ashdown may have an uncanny resemblance to Steve from the Dell commercials (”Dude, you’re getting a vote!”), but don’t knock his campaign strategy, which takes open-source to a whole new level with a wiki and regular online chats. Running against incumbent Senator Orin Hatch in Utah, Ashdown is tapping into the geek corners of the Internet.

....I think he has some serious moderate libertarian cred if you check out his position on several issues that party-line Democrats usually diverge on, such as guns, national security / immigration and trade.

He may not be the perfect match Utah libertarians will probably seek, but he looks like a realistic choice in 2006.


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