Friday, December 09, 2005

LDSDem running for congress in WI

I just recieved this from one of my many mailing list subscriptions, LDS-left. It's nice to see my fellow LDS Democrats running for office:

Hello friends:

My name is Bryan Kennedy. I am LDS and a BYU alum (BA, 1994) living
and teaching in Wisconsin. I am running for Congress against House
Judiciary Chair Jim Sensenbrenner. I took him on in 2004 and did
better than any Democrat had ever done against him, so I am finishing
the job in 2006.

Congressman Sensenbrenner is responsible for some of the most
dangerous legislation in the past few years and he has embarrassed the
people of Wisconsin with his antics. He gave us the PATRIOT Act and
the REAL ID Act. He held up the 9/11 Commission recommendations and
the Amber Alert Bill, and voted against the victims of the Gulf Coast
hurricanes. He must be stopped before he strikes again. It is time
to protect our rights and send him back home into early retirement.

To do this, we must all join together to oust him. Become a Member of
the Bryan Kennedy for Congress Campaign Team by pledging a
contribution today. Contributions can be billed conveniently to your
credit card in 10 monthly installments.

I can only win next year with national support from people like you.
Thank you.

Bryan Kennedy
Democratic candidate for US House, WI-5

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