Saturday, December 10, 2005


I was, once upon a time, a business major. In the one and only marketing class I took, we discussed the most and least effective methods of advertising. #1 was word of mouth. It costs nothing, and people are more willing to trust a friend on a company than a stranger. That's why celebrity endorsements are so popular. Many Utah Jazz fans felt like they were friends with John Stockton. So, if John were to go on TV and tell everyone to buy sugar cubes because he buys sugar cubes, sugar cubes sales would probably soar in Utah.

Likewise, as an LDS Missionary, we discussed the most effective ways to find people to teach. When people think of missionaries, they think of tracting. Well, trackting ranked as like the 12th most effective, on a list of 15. #1 was member referrals, or a member of the Church telling a friend about the Church.

My point is, tell people about campaigns you are interested in, support, etc. In this post, Pete Ashdown talks about how if I tell two people, they tell two people, etc., just how many people will hear about his campaign.

Tell two people a day about this campaign, and have them do the same. In 19 days, 524,288 people will have heard about it. Of course we realize that people are busy, so expecting this to happen is not realistic. However, make up the gaps by increasing the number of people you tell, and the potential is vast.


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