Tuesday, December 13, 2005

$$$ and Ashdown

When I give out my end-of-the-year awards, Ethan at SLCSpin just might come out on top. Not only do his posts come often, and they're usually full of good info, but his readers leave some very articulate comments.

Like this one from "jeff" regarding Pete Ashdown, funding, and why we need to dig deep now. His conclusion:

Ashdown’s campaign is getting BLOG coverage all over the United States, Netizens are praising his efforts, his innovation and his iron fisted grasp of the “sexy” issues that will be the “crisis issues” of the next decade and yet, sadly, his fundraising is still at a trickle, and not at all for lack of effort. So, really, if people continue to worship Pete’s campaign with words, and not dollars, then how can we, the people who actually understand and support his issues expect Pete to poll out of the lower teens?

Hoever, I have asked for donations from you, my readers, than Pete has from his. I personally get sick of asking for donations, and being asked for donations, but, unfortunately, money does make the world go 'round. So, please, dig deep, and go donate to Pete.


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