Thursday, January 19, 2006

All-Day Kindergarten

There has been some talk about establishing all-day kindergarten (adk) in Utah.

There have been studies that say that adk is beneficial. It gives some children more learning time in the classroom. Kindergarten is the most important learning time of a child's life. It isn't about juice and cookies and naps anymore.

However, there are also studies that say adk is harmful. A 5-year-old has a very short attention span, and 7 hours a day is too much.

So what to do?

I support adk under these conditions:

~It must be optional for parents. It cannot be forced on anyone.
~Those students who use it must have a need, and be benefiting from it. School is a lousy day care provider.
~Those who use it must have the option of going back to traditional kindergarten. Most times, you won't be able to tell if your kid will handle adk or not.
~It must be provided as an option for everyone.


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Communis Legionarius said...

My Daughter (age 5) goes to all day kindergarten and she--and we--love it. The teacher is great and our daughter has quickly advanced. I am amazed at how well my daughter is doing in school and now she is reading at a 1st grade level.