Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ashdown on Radio from Hell

My friend Shaun (author of Life of a Hacker) has a post up today endorsing Pete Ashdown.

Shaun also says that Pete was on x96's Radio From Hell (blog) yesterday morning.

Radio from Hell is the name of the X96 morning show. They have an open-door policy for candidates. Don't make an appointment. Don't send in a campaign staffer. Just show up, and they'll put you on.

The amazing thing is, for two morning rock DJs, they seem fairly well informed, at least they did the only time I've listened, when they had then-Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate Peter Corroon on in 2004.

If you plan on running for office, drop in on them sometime. It's free advertising to alot of 18-25 year olds. Don't forget to drop the URL of your campaign website a few times.

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