Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lobbyist Gifts

Planet Legislature has a post on a bill before the legislature to lower the reporting threshhold on lobbyist gifts. The current threshhold is $50. The new bill would require reporting all gifts over $5.

Republican House Majority Leader Jeff Alexander is sponsoring tougher lobbyist disclosure requirements. And Democrats are voting against it.

During a meeting of the House Government Operations Committee Tuesday, Alexander said his bill ... is about disclosure. "It seems to be what people are asking for," he said.

The Democrats on the committee apparently disagree. Ogden Rep. Neil Hansen, West Valley City Rep. Neal Hendrickson and Cottonwood Heights Rep. Mark Wheatley all voted against the bill. Hansen said Alexander's $5 limit seemed too low and "nitpicky."

I agree with the Republicans on this one. In fact $5 is too high. Why not just make it all gifts? If you feel the need to put a value amount in the law, $0.01 is a good one.


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